Sheet Metal Fabrication

All About Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet Metal Fabrication is one kind of process of shaping and bending metal sheets. These sheets can be used to give complex hollow shapes and sections. Usually, sheet metal works with preliminary operations like perforating, cutting, slitting and so on. From residential use to commercial use, sheet metal fabrication is used everywhere and almost in all industries.

Core Services Of Sheet Metal Fabrication Includes

Experts at 7 Laser metal offer a comprehensive range of sheet metal fabrication which suits the need and requirements of the client. Those services include:

  1. Laser cutting

We have mastered the art of laser cutting technologies on a variety of materials to give high-quality accurate cuts with the required degree of thickness.

  1. Punching

Sheet metal machinery is used to produce holes, dimples, louvers and countersinking for the manufacturing of metal parts very accurately and efficiently.

  1. Brake press/folding

For achieving precise folding and efficient bending results for any metal parts we prefer to use cutting edge technologies.

  1. Fabrication

Our technicians use various technologies of welding methods for creating metal structures that fit your requirements.

  1. Final accumulation

The laser also offers additional subcontracting of powder coating, spray painting, and tube bending.

Our sheet metal technicians always endeavor to be updated with innovations in the field of the industry.

Our Strengths While offering A Complete Solution of Sheet Metal Fabrication Service:

  1. Business experts

After gaining a whole lot of experience in the field of sheet metal and engineering industry, 7 Laser is a well-known firm with an established network of suppliers and for the quality work.

  1. High technology manufacturing

We are involved with the latest technologies for sheet metal CNC to assure the high quality of sheet metal projects for exceeding precision standards.

  1. Advanced laser cutting

We possess the strength of laser cutting for the materials like 12mm Aluminum, 25mm Mild steel, and 16mm Stainless steel, up to 3 meters in length.

Why Choose 7 Laser?

7 Laser is the manufacturer of aluminum sheet metal work based in Melbourne. We commit to providing quality work with great efficiency and precision. We design and manufacture sheet metal fabrication providing the full range of services.

Stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, and galvanized iron are the materials we prefer to use for panel fabrication Melbourne. We offer ranges from CNC bending, CNC punching, MIG, TIG, spot welding, etc.

We assure the quality of workmanship with fast turnaround times. Also, we guarantee the excellence of customer service by providing the service fulfilling the requirements of the client. We pride ourselves on being the top manufacturers of sheet metal fabrication.

Get in touch with us today for more information and free quotes about our sheet metal fabrication manufacturing services. You can contact us for any assistance, advice or any kind of manufacturing queries.