Laser Cutting with the Latest in Brake Press Using CNC Folding

Sheet metals prove to be beneficial in Industrial usage because of their ductility. They bend before they break, hence it is easy to alter them into any shape and size. Brake press and folding machines are the tools we use to bend sheet metals. Laser cutting is an art, and at 7 Laser in Melbourne, we have mastered it by experimenting it with various metals to give high-quality precision cuts along with the required amount of thickness.

Brake Press Using CNC Folding

We use press brakes for thicker and larger sheets and folding machines for thin and delicate pieces. Our process of bending includes the following steps. The sheet metal is positioned on top of a die and the press brake folding is done by lowering a punch onto the sheet. Brake press folding is done by crushing and squeezing the metal to get the necessary bending of the sheet metal.

Press brake folding machine is differentiated as hydraulic, electric, pneumatic, or mechanical by the method of application of force. Press brake and folding are commonly employed in furniture, airframes, automotive panels, metal containers and other sheet metal forming applications. Press brake folding machine is used to give a high-quality surface finish. Usage of both brake press and the folding machine will be very beneficial and will save up a lot of time.

At 7 Laser, we use CNC Folding machines, which allows programming to be done for the upcoming jobs and involves lesser manual intervention. Our laser cutting process includes laser beams being made to follow a CNC code of pattern to cut the sheet metal in the desired shape and size.

Trusted Hydraulic Press Brake Provider in Melbourne

Hydraulic presses are of two types, namely horizontal and vertical presses, based on the direction of application of force. The speed and accuracy of the press brake folding machine vary with each type of press brake. The compressive force generated by the hydraulic cylinder is used to perform the press brake folding. You need a trusted hydraulic press brake provider like our team at 7 Laser to get a high-quality machine in Melbourne. We recommend Hydraulic press brake folding machines to our clients as they are one of the most popularly used machinery in Industries and prove to be beneficial for the following reasons:

  • The items manufactured using hydraulic presses are up to 40% lighter than the stamping parts.
  • The rigidity and fatigue strength of such products are also observed to increase with the working direction of the machine.
  • Hydraulic press consumes a lesser amount of material, and hence the production cost is considerably lower when compared to other machines.
  • Due to the implementation of the hydraulic principle, the machine’s ram stroke is very smooth, enabling it to achieve tonnage.
  • It reduces the risk of surface damage and allows multiple station set-up simulated in a single set-up

7 Laser takes pride in being one of the most trusted laser cutting, brake press, and folding specialists in Melbourne. We assist our customers in the design and development of products according to their requirement. We are committed to providing high-quality comprehensive metal cutting solutions in Melbourne. Our dedicated team of experts provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. If you are planning to add a high-quality hydraulic press brake to your fabrication floor or use any brake press and folding services, contact us on (03) 9701 3330 or mail us at