Mechanical Engineering Assembly Drawing in Melbourne

Assembly drawing is the representation of various parts of a machine in correct working order. It shows the product with its all parts connected together. These parts are prepared separately and later assembled together. At 7 Laser, our expert engineers offer high-quality assembly drawings in Melbourne. Assembly drawings have the goal of making it easy for people to understand the technical ideas and other aspects of the product. With our assembly drawings, you can visualise what the required object should look like.

It can be extremely difficult to produce machines and automobiles on a mass scale where a number of assemblies and subassemblies are involved without clear, accurate drawings. Hence, assembly drawings are the perfect way to get a glimpse of the actual product. We understand mechanical assembly drawings should be clear and accurate. Hence, we offer assembly mechanical engineering drawing services that can be interpreted without any hassles which mainly involves sketching the machine parts and then making the drawings. Having undergone rigorous training, our team can produce accurate drawings that save time as well as money.

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Expert in Mechanical Assembly Drawing in Melbourne

Backed by a team of skilled engineers, we provide our customers with assembly drawings that are clear and precise. Here are some types of assembly drawings that are provided at 7 Laser:

  • Design Assembly Drawing: When a machine is designed, an assembly drawing/a design layout is first drawn to clearly visualise the performance and shape of various parts comprising the machine. Our team efficiently provides accurate design assembly drawings.
  • Detailed Assembly Drawing: It is usually made for simple machines, made up of a relatively smaller number of parts. Our experts carefully work on the dimensions and the necessary information for its construction with an eye for detail. Separate views of specific parts in enlargements, showing the fitting of parts together, are given to get a fair idea of the design.
  • Sub-Assembly Drawing: Our sub-assembly drawing service is an assembly drawing of a group of related parts that form a component part within a more complicated machine.
  • Installation Assembly Drawing: With this service, the location and dimensions of essential parts and overall dimensions of the assembled unit are shown. This drawing offers useful information for the purpose of machine assembly, as this drawing reveals all parts of a machine in their correct working order.
  • Assembly Drawings for catalogues: At 7 Laser, we also provide special assembly drawings for company catalogues. These drawings show only the essential dimensions and details that would capture the interest of a potential buyer.
  • Assembly Drawings for instruction manuals: We understand how difficult it is to reassemble a product. These assembly drawings can come in handy when a machine, shipped away in assembled condition, is knocked down in order to check all parts are there before reassembly and installation elsewhere.
  • Exploded Assembly Drawing: Exploded pictorial views in some cases are supplied to meet instruction manual requirements. Generally, these drawings can be located in a company instruction manual’s parts list section. Because of the exploded views, the parts are positioned in the sequence of assembly but separated from each other to make it easier to understand for those with less experience in reading such drawings.
  • Schematic Assembly Drawing: Schematic representation of the unit facilitates a better understanding of its operating principle. This drawing can simplify the illustration of a system or a machine and replaces all the elements with their respective conventional representations.
  • Machine Shop Drawing: Since the machinist is not interested in the dimensions and information of the previous stages, rough castings and forgings are sent to the shop for finishing operation.
  • Patent Drawing: To illustrate and explain the invention, patent drawings come in handy. However, these drawings are not useful for production purposes. The salient features on these drawings are numbered for identification and complete description.

With our mechanical drawing assembly services, our only objective is to provide an idea to identify parts involved in making a new product. No matter what your project is, our assembly drawings are perfect for giving price information about your project. For more detail, reach out to our dedicated team on 03 9701 3330 or email us at