Perforated Sheet Manufacturer in Melbourne

Perforated sheet metals have a mesh-like look with holes of specific size and shape, and it is used in structural and decorative applications of architecture and design. These metal sheets have gained popularity in the industrial, residential, and commercial venues. The standard shape of perforated sheet metal hole is circular with a size of 1mm and above.

Perforated sheet manufacturers use materials like Stainless steel, Galvanized Steel, Rolled Steel, Brass, and Aluminum during the manufacturing process. At 7 Laser, we offer perforated sheet metals in Melbourne with customizable holes in a variety of shapes like rectangle, square, diamond, cross and in the desired size. We perforate the sheet metal by feeding it into the machine and allowing the hole punches to create holes. We offer customization of the choice of metal/ gauge/ width/ hole size as we understand that each application needs a specific pattern of perforation.

Perforated Sheet Manufacturer in Melbourne

Perforated Metal Sheet Suppliers in Melbourne

Perforated metal sheets serve various purposes in domains like agriculture, aerospace, mining, textile, security, ventilation, etc. Hence, it is important to get the sheet metals from a trusted perforated sheet metal supplier like 7 Laser, Melbourne. Perforated sheet metals are now serving ornamental patterns along with utilitarian purposes. We custom design them according to the client’s requirement.

A line of holes is created with each strike of the perforating punch. Creation of single or multiple lines of holes depends on the tool used. Metals which have fine holes can be used for filtration purposes. Sometimes, we process the sheet metal after perforation and shear it to a certain length and then coil it into a roll to serve various purposes. Perforated sheet metals prove to be very beneficial for the following reasons:

  • It can regulate the light and ventilation by limiting or blocking direct light rays while maintaining the airflow of the space
  • It creates a sense of privacy by giving an enclosure-like feeling without fully covering the space
  • They are very durable and possess load-bearing capacity
  • They are used in stair treads and walkways as they are slip-resistant and easy to clean
  • They are used for decorative purposes, facades, balustrades, and screens as they allow creativity in sound, light and visual depth.
  • They are used as exterior screens to provide safety and privacy to the building by limiting the views.
  • Usage of perforated metal sheets as exterior facades serve as a form of shade and protection while maintaining the visual appeal.
  • Perforated sheet metals are also custom designed as pendants to be used in high-quality wood and glass interior designing.

7 Laser Melbourne is built on the principles of delivering quality products and services to our customers. Our dedicated team of experts will offer quality services in cutting and fabrication of perforated metals. We are one of the most trusted experts in Melbourne as we offer a single roof for all the sheet metal needs, as a perforated sheet manufacturer and supplier. We incorporate the best practices to provide top edge finish to the product according to the requirement. If you are looking for high-quality perforated metal sheet suppliers at an affordable price, then contact us at (03) 9701 3330 or email us at