Post Production Engineer Services in Melbourne

At 7 Laser, we have proficient engineers who have intimate knowledge of post production software applications. We have support teams to develop strategies for improving efficiency and profitability of your project. In short, post production engineers do everything that happens after the product is finalised. With our post production engineer services, we ensure that clients are able to use facilities and technology for achieving the best production standards. Our team engages with customers to identify their needs and craft solutions to produce outcomes as per client specifications.

Being amongst the top post production engineers in Melbourne, we are well aware of a product’s commercial and technical requirements. Our team is well equipped with the knowledge as well as problem-solving skills that helps them provide efficient and coherent results. We work together to plan and analyse the project to ensure that the outcome is just exactly what our customers have asked for. Our technical knowledge and other IT skills play a key role in post-production engineering. To deliver the best product in the market, our post production engineers use professional tools and techniques that can benefit the industry as well as the customers.

Post Production Application

Best Post Production Engineers in Melbourne

At 7 Laser, our post production engineers are trained to use tool design and other fabrication methods for producing the best results. The whole process of our post production services is well organised no matter what size and the need of the project is. We provide the following post production engineering services:

  • Spot Welding: Welding is a process used primarily for joining two or more metal sheets together via pressure and heat being applied from an electric current to the welding area. We work with a variety of different metals such as titanium, wire mesh, steel, and nickel alloys. Along with efficient spot welding services, we also provide a cheaper price to meet your needs.

  • Welding-MIG: Most of the time, welding is used for large and thick materials. Metal inert gas employs a consumable wire that acts as the electrode as well as the filler material. It is much faster, resulting in shorter lead times and lower production costs.

  • TIG-Stainless Steel: Welding stainless steel can be tricky because it is very good at retaining heat. However, it can lead to problems such as warping and embrittlement. Gas tungsten arc welding yields durable and versatile results. It is the most commonly used tungsten due to 2% thorium being mixed. The thorium makes it easier for higher current carrying capacity and arc starts.

  • Mild Steels: This is a ferrous metal made from iron and carbon. Moreover, it is a low-priced material with properties, suitable for most general engineering applications. Low carbon mild steel has good magnetic properties due to its high iron content. We create products across a wide variety of industries like automobiles, furniture, fencing, and much more.

  • Aluminium: We carry out supervised high-grade aluminium with other services to meet your unique needs. With the required knowledge and right tools, we provide different aluminium objects. Using our advanced tools, we offer the best post production services at low prices.

Post production engineers at 7 Laser carefully undertake the post production process to influence the production, expression, and perception of design ideas. We are well equipped with the right software, including 3D modelling and animation tools, composting and editing, as well as advanced grading. With the help of our application software, we efficiently plan and schedule everything that is needed in the project. Feel free to call us on 03 9701 3330 or email us at for more details.