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The Cutting Edge Of Steel Metal Fabrication Melbourne

The art of metal fabrication is not as easy as some people might put out. It can be a lengthy process from sheet metal to the final product, and often sheet metal passes through multiple production processes before taking its final shape.

Our Process of Sheet Metal Fabrication

  1. Design
    • We get your design briefs, or we can create a custom design using the decades of experience from our engineering professionals
    • We use the latest software which allows us to download engineering models from virtually any CAD platforms
  1. Material Selection
    • There are a countless different number of metals, composites, steels and grades of steels that can be used for different niches and purposes
    • We will choose the correct metal to fit your design needs, and we have experience working with different grades of steel (Martensite, Austenite, Duplex, Ferrite)
    • Every grade of steel has its own properties, which requires different working temperatures and forming processes
    • Without following proper procedure, the welding and structure can corrode or fail under stress
    • 7 Laser has an experienced and qualified work force capable of working with all different types of metals
  1. Bending
    • Traditionally, this part of the metal fabrication process was done manually, and the metal is bent into forms that match the design brief
    • Nowadays, press brakes and other tools are used for more accurate bending
    • At 7 lasers, we use a state of the art 130-ton CNC machine to ensure complete accuracy for sheet metal up to 3 metres in length
  1. Cutting
    • Cutting is often performed manually by sawing, shearing or chiselling
    • Our CNC machine uses a high-power laser beam to accurately create the desired shape with a perfect finish
    • Laser cutting is not only quicker than other methods, but also ensures that the structure is not compromised by excessive working of the material
  1. Joining
    • Usually a design cannot be completed with one piece of sheet metal, hence welding is required to create the final design
    • Welding is completed on our CNC machine using lasers, with pinpoint computer accuracy, making sure your design is structurally sound without compromise

7 Lasers ensures integrity and conscientious work through every part of the fabrication process. This ensures the end productis made to your specifications. All boiler work is made to Australian standards, and our process is aimed at ensuring the highest standards of structural integrity and safety.

Looking For Metal Fabrication Services Melbourne?

If you’re looking for the best welding and metal fabrication Melbourne don’t hesitate to call 7 lasers on (03) 9706 5656 between 7am and 5pm or visit us at our workshop at 58-62 Nissan Drive, Dandenong South, VIC 3175. We have the capabilities to find a custom solution to any problem, simple or complicated. All our work is done to Australian standards and our qualified team will work toward providing you the highest level of satisfaction.