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Laser metal cutting employs a concentrated beam of light to cut through metals and other materials. Computer Numerical Control or CNC laser cutting employs optics, an assist gas, and a guidance system to direct and concentrate the laser beam for cutting of materials. CNC laser cutters have an extremely high voltage, giving a potent solution to sheet metal fabrication. Laser cutters offer negligible thermal effort, with good control over work area temperature. This is important since small parts heat up quickly and might otherwise overheat and deform.This mode of cutting enables you to cut metal profiles with ease, precision and at a reduced cost.

Benefits of CNC Laser Cutting

Versatile – A CNC laser cutting machine can cut any material in any desired shape, size and thickness. It can be employed for an array of industries. They cater to materials such as acrylic, cardboard, fabric, textiles, wood, leather, MDF and even some sheet metals.

Detailing – Laser cutting technologies are highly focus able to about 25 microns, which is about 1/4 of the width of a strand of human hair, it has a positioning accuracy of 10 micrometres and repeatability of 5 micrometres. They render a very neat and precise output which mean that you can get very specific design templates and intricate designs cut out using them.

Time Saving – They are quick to finish work and hence output produced on an hourly basis is very lucrative. They are faster than more traditional techniques and usually with less post-processing. Fast work directly transforms into more results which has considerable impact on the revenue generated. Thereby, it benefits both the industry employing the customer laser cutter and also the one who derives the output from them.

Hassle free – CNC laser cutting is a hassle free and simple process, which consists of importing a design file to instruct,into the machine and selecting the parameters for your materials. With minimal manual work, the cutting process is performed and the finished product is derived.

Safe – Owing to the fact that there are no moving parts exposed, they pose minimal risk to the operators.

Value for money – They are a solid investment as they do not require running costs or manual labour. They generate revenue throughout its lifetime and payback itself in no time.

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